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Recyc-Mattresses takes pride in its interpretation of the 4R's!

The company aims to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose.

REDUCE the amount, number and time spent in landfills, hopefully going as far as eliminating mattress landfilling.

REUSE instead of wasting, by giving all mattress materials a second life. For example, polyurethane is used in the fabrication of carpet underlays, cotton is found in thermal isolation and cars, recycled metal replaces raw metals and wood is turned into mulch.

RECYCLING cans, bottles, cardboard boxes and paper is now part of people's routine. So why not recycle old mattresses? Recyc-Mattresses aims to bring awareness to everyone: manufacturers, retailers, landfill owners, cities and municipalities, recyclers and customers.

REPURPOSE if turned into natural gas. Just like energy can be produced by old tires or natural compost by fallen leaves, recycled fabric (polyester, for example) can be turned into natural gas. However, no gas plant exists in the province of Quebec. At the moment, Recyc-Mattresses is trying to find a potential company elsewhere in Canada or in the rest of the world.

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Environment Phenix Awards 2009

Recyc-Mattresses, 2009 finalist

"Residual matter management" Category
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"An old mattress, not that easy to bury"
An old mattress, not that easy to bury

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